Gisela Grace S. Alvarez


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Attached is the photo of our family with our pet labradoodle, Jem. A little background of our family: We live on the Central Coast in Australia. Like any responsible “parent”, our family prepared for the arrival of our newest “member”, our darling labradoodle puppy, Jem. Part of our preparations was the purchase of the  Secrets to Dog Training e-book. The book is so comprehensive, easy to understand and well-presented that is why I did not hesitate to instruct my sons to read it as well so each one of us knows how to become an “alpha dog” and how to issue commands consistently.
It is recommended here in Australia to attend a puppy pre-school class for training and socialisation. We started Jem’s home training based on Secrets to Dog Training way before he started his formal training. There’s nothing new we learned from the pre-school class that we haven’t learned from your e-book first. As a result, Jem finished “valedictorian” in his class. Thanks Daniel!

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