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My wife was interested in Yorkie terriers. She e-mailed a lady (Sharda Baker) about Yorkie's. Sharda sends her info on Yorkie's and other dog topics. One of her e-mails mentioned your Secrets to Dog Training web site and your e-mail book. I recently ordered it from you and the other booklets. I was very pleased with it. I have done extensive training of our extremely bright female Jack Russell.
When it comes to (fetch) she is tops. She will fetch till she drops. I have set up a complete agility course in our yard, I have used the Trick and Treat device from Sharper Image for teaching her tricks. She does Frisbee and has also had several outings doing Lure Racing (almost to perfection).
I have several dog neighbors that are not having as much luck with their pets. They have dominate issues. One of them has over aggressiveness issues and food and toy guarding problems. I told them about your web site and book. Their dog (while I was talking over the fence) tried to attack, through the fence, our dog. ...I highly recommend that the buy your book, and sign up for your weekly tips.
We leave tomorrow for a three week vacation to Leech Lake Mn (picture above). We will bike, canoe, hike, play frisbee and fetch (Sparky loves camping, all we have to say is were going camping, and she grabs a fetch toy and runs to the door). We will be gone for 3 wonderful weeks. I have all your materials already in the trailer for reading and using while gone. After receiving my down loads, I e-mailed all our friends (several of whom are trainers) about your books.
I will be working with the book and Sparky while we are gone. I have been busy since getting your book, getting ready for our vacation. I have been assimilating the information, but have not had the time to apply it. I will give you another report upon returning.
Thanks for taking the time to write such wonder training materials, and providing your e-mail tips. If more people would just take the time to purchase your materials, we would.

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